Precision Trenching With GeoTrencher

GeoTrencher Precision Trenching Systems simplify the task installing underground power cables, drainage or irrigation systems.


Precision Mini Trenchers - Echo, Husqvarna, and Stihl Powerhead Options


Precision-Engineered Trenching Chains for Lasting Durability


Trenching Attachment Kits: Seamlessly Attach To Your Demo Saw


Connects effortlessly to your mini trencher, simplifying the trenching task.

GeoTrencher Deals - March 2024

ECHO Powered GeoTrenchers

GeoTrencher, powered by ECHO Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Engines – endorsed by GeoTrencher AU for client satisfaction and reliability.

Customer Reviews

GeoTrencher Review

GeoTrencher Customer review

We’re floating high – way over the moon, thanks to Corey’s phenomenal video review of our GeoTrencher gear. “When something’s so good you’ve gotta tell the world – that’s how

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