GeoTrencher – STIHL TS420 – 400mm Mini Trencher

Trencher: Stihl TS420 with 400mm GeoTrencher

GeoTrencher Equipped with Stihl TS 420 Powerhead: Compact and Efficient Trenching

The GeoTrencher featuring the Stihl TS 420 Powerhead is a compact, reliable, and lightweight trencher designed for precision and ease of use. The integration of the STIHL anti-vibration system enhances comfort, improves handling, and ensures precise trenching, even in challenging conditions.


This package comes complete with:

1 x 400mm Bar GeoTrencher.

1 x Stihl TS 420 cut-off saw Powerhead.

2  x 38mm GeoChain Trenching Chains.

all setup and ready to go.

Key features listed below that make this trencher stand out:



Premium Filter System for Engine Protection

The STIHL TS 420 Powerhead incorporates a premium filter system that plays a crucial role in safeguarding the engine. This system ensures clean and smooth running while minimizing maintenance of the air filters. The result is not only efficient performance but also reduced downtime for maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those who value reliability.

Decompression Valve for Easy Starting

Starting the engine is made easier with the inclusion of a decompression valve. This feature reduces pressure in the cylinder, requiring less effort to start the engine. The emphasis on user-friendly starting procedures enhances the overall operational convenience.

STIHL 2-MIX Engine for Enhanced Performance

The STIHL 2-MIX engine is a highlight of this trencher, featuring an advanced stratified charge system. This technology not only boosts power but also reduces fuel consumption and pollution. By significantly lowering unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust, the 2-MIX engine delivers a cleaner, more fuel-efficient performance.

Long-life Air Filter System with Cyclone Air Routing

The long-life air filter system is designed with cyclone air routing, effectively separating and transporting 80% of dust particles into the surrounding air. This innovative design extends the cleaning intervals for the foam pre-filter, contributing to overall maintenance efficiency.

STIHL Anti-vibration System for Operator Comfort

Buffer and spring elements incorporated into the STIHL anti-vibration system reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the operator’s arms and hands. This feature makes free-hand cutting much less strenuous, ensuring operator comfort during prolonged use.

Manual Fuel Pump (Purger) for Quick Starts

The manual fuel pump, or purger, allows for a faster start-up by reducing the number of starting strokes by approximately 40%. Operating the pump a few times before starting up accelerates the supply of sufficient fuel, streamlining the starting process.

Compensator for Consistent Engine Power

The compensator in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture from becoming richer as the air filter gets clogged. This ensures a constant fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture, maintaining consistent engine power. The filter only requires cleaning when a noticeable drop in power occurs.


  • Weight with 400mm bar: 13.0 kg
  • Displacement: 66.7 cc (4.07 cu. in.)
  • Engine Power: 3.2 kW (4.4 bhp)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 710 cc (24 oz.)
  • Engine Speed: 9,000 rpm (Elec. Gov.)
  • Maximum Spindle Speed: 5,350 rpm
  • Arbor Size: 0 mm
  • Maximum Wheel Size: 350 mm (14″)
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 125 mm (4.9″)
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight: 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs.)

The GeoTrencher with Stihl TS 420 Powerhead is your go-to solution for efficient, reliable, and precise trenching. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this trencher ensures top-notch performance with a focus on user-friendly features and durability.