Portable Mini Trenchers by GeoTrencher

Embark on the forefront of advanced mini trenching technology with GeoTrencher. Seamlessly craft trenches up to 56mm wide and 700mm deep, conquering challenging and compact terrains effortlessly. GeoTrencher simplifies trenching, offering a swift and efficient solution.
We are honored to provide exclusive Australian sales and support for this innovative trencher technology.



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GeoTrenchers Trenching Chains - Engineered for Precision and Durability


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ECHO Powered GeoTrenchers

Elevate your trenching experience with GeoTrencher, powered by ECHO Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Engines. ECHO is the endorsed brand of GeoTrencher AU, recognised for client satisfaction and reliability.

GeoChains - Mini Trencher Chains

Enhance your trenching with mini trencher chains by GeoTrencher (GeoChains), precision-engineered for durability and compatibility with GeoRipper and TerraTrencher brands.

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The GeoTrencher Handheld or Cart Mounted Portable Trencher


Geotrenchers are versatile machines capable of handling various soil types, including clay, rocky terrain, and sand. They can also adapt to different trench depths and widths, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from laying pipelines and cables to creating irrigation ditches and foundation trenches.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Geotrenchers are designed to minimize disruption to the surrounding environment. Their narrow tracks and low ground pressure reduce soil compaction, preserving the integrity of the land. Additionally, their efficient digging process produces less waste, contributing to a greener construction approach.


Despite their advanced technology and capabilities, geotrenchers offer a cost-effective solution for trenching projects. Their efficiency reduces labor costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance expenses, making them a wise long-term investment.

New Zealand Made

By choosing New Zealand-made, you're not only acquiring a superior product but also supporting local communities and the growth of a vibrant, creative industry. Each purchase contributes to the continuation of a legacy that celebrates the unique culture and heritage of this remarkable country.