Precision Trenching With GeoTrencher

GeoTrencher Precision Trenching Systems simplify the task installing underground power cables, drainage or irrigation systems.


Precision Mini Trenchers - Echo, Husqvarna, and Stihl Powerhead Options


Precision-Engineered Trenching Chains for Lasting Durability


Trenching Attachment Kits: Seamlessly Attach To Your Demo Saw


Connects effortlessly to your mini trencher, simplifying the trenching task.

GeoTrencher Deals

ECHO Powered GeoTrenchers

GeoTrencher, powered by ECHO Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Engines – endorsed by GeoTrencher AU for client satisfaction and reliability.

STIHL Powered GeoTrenchers

GeoTrencher, paired with STIHL Professional Grade Powerheads, ensures a superior trenching experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

David addresses the most frequently asked questions about the GeoTrencher. If you need further details, feel free to call David, and he’ll be glad to assist you.

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