GeoTrencher – STIHL TS800 – Mini Trencher

Trencher: STIHL TS800 with GeoTrencher

Introducing the STIHL TS800 with GeoTrencher – a powerful and versatile tool designed to redefine your trenching experience. This robust machine is compatible with 25mm, 38mm, and 56mm wide trenching chains, providing you with the flexibility to tackle a range of trenching applications.

Choose between the 500mm and 700mm bar size options to suit your specific needs.

This package includes 2 x 38mm wide trenching chains for your selected bar size.



Key Features:

1. STIHL 2-MIX Engine: The heart of the TS800 is the innovative STIHL 2-MIX engine. This advanced engine incorporates a stratified charge system, boosting power while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and pollution. The result is a cleaner, more fuel-efficient engine that significantly lowers unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust.

2. Long-life Air Filter System: The TS800 is equipped with a long-life air filter system featuring cyclone air routing. This technology ensures that 80% of dust particles are separated and expelled into the surrounding air, extending cleaning intervals for the foam pre-filter and promoting optimal engine performance.

3. STIHL ElastoStart: The standard or retrofitted STIHL ElastoStart starter grip enhances the starting experience by providing smooth starts without abrupt power peaks. This feature makes initiating the machine considerably easier and more user-friendly.

4. STIHL Anti-Vibration System: Combat operator fatigue with the STIHL Anti-Vibration System. Vibrations from power tools can have negative effects on blood vessels, and STIHL has developed a system to minimize these levels. This not only enhances operator comfort but also contributes to a more pleasant and efficient working experience.

5. Semi-Automatic STIHL Belt Tensioning: Extend the service life of your belt with the semi-automatic STIHL belt tensioning feature. Re-tensioning the drive belt is made easy with a simple adjustment using your spark plug wrench. Consistent tension ensures a longer service life for both the belt and bearing, contributing to the overall durability of the machine.

6. Decompression Valve: The decompression valve is an integral part of the easy start system. By reducing pressure in the cylinder, the valve minimizes the effort required to start the engine, providing a smoother and more user-friendly starting process.

7. Ergonomic Handle: Precision meets comfort with the ergonomic handle of the TS800. This feature allows for a firm grip on the power tool, facilitating precise cuts even in challenging materials like hard stone. The curved handle offers an optimized grip position, ensuring the highest level of comfort during extended periods of use.

Experience the power, efficiency, and comfort that the STIHL TS800 with GeoTrencher brings to your trenching tasks. This machine is engineered to meet the demands of professionals who require reliability and performance in every cut.

Additional information

Bar Size

500mm Long, 700mm Long