Optimising Your Irrigation System with GeoTrencher

Optimising Your Irrigation System with GeoTrencher: Ideal for Trenching Irrigation Pipes

Discovering the right pipe for your in-ground sprinkler system is crucial, and at GeoTrencher, we emphasise the efficiency and precision of trenching for irrigation pipes. In this guide, we’ll explore the options of polyethylene and PVC pipes while highlighting the benefits of using GeoTrencher for trenching, especially when focusing on irrigation pipe installations.

Irrigation Installation
Optimising Your Irrigation System with GeoTrencher 1

Polyethylene Pipes: Flexible and Resilient

Polyethylene pipes are the top choice for environments requiring flexible tubing, such as rocky soil or areas prone to freezing. With high-pressure ratings, these tubes are increasingly popular in home sprinkler systems. The key advantage lies in their resistance to cracking caused by frozen water. The Polyethylene rating system is based on PSI, indicating the working pressure the tube can handle. Different poly tubes are assigned numbers based on SDR ratios, with lower numbers signifying stronger tubes. The industry standard is 80 SDR, and you can select from 80, 100, 160, 200, and 250 PSI based on your specific needs.

GeoTrencher excels in creating precise trenches for polyethylene pipes, ensuring optimal placement and functionality in your irrigation system.

PVC Pipes: Strength and Versatility

PVC pipes come in schedule 40 and schedule 80, indicating strength and colour variations. Schedule 40, with standard strength and white colour, is suitable for home applications and can handle significant pressure. It’s also more cost-effective. On the other hand, schedule 80, with increased strength and a grey hue, is ideal for industrial applications.

When utilising GeoTrencher for PVC pipe installations, you benefit from its precision in trenching, guaranteeing accurate depths and widths for seamless irrigation systems.

pvc Irrigation pipe
Optimising Your Irrigation System with GeoTrencher 2

Considerations for PVC Pipes

Temperature and UV exposure play crucial roles in PVC pipe suitability. PVC works best in warm winter climates but should be shielded from direct sunlight to avoid UV damage. GeoTrencher’s efficient trenching ensures proper installation, minimising potential issues associated with sunlight exposure.

Choosing the Right Pipe with GeoTrencher

The climate and outdoor conditions influence the success of each pipe type. For warm winter climates, where flexibility and durability are paramount, both polyethylene and PVC pipes are viable options. GeoTrencher enhances the trenching process for irrigation pipes, providing a quick and efficient solution for installing tee joints and ensuring a reliable sprinkler system.

Why GeoTrencher for Trenching Irrigation Pipes?

GeoTrencher stands as the go-to solution for trenching irrigation pipes. Its precision, speed, and adaptability make it the perfect companion for installing tee joints and ensuring seamless irrigation systems. Embrace the innovation that GeoTrencher brings to trenching, optimising your irrigation projects with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Visit and explore how GeoTrencher can elevate your irrigation installations, setting a new standard in trenching technology for the Australian market.