GeoTrencher – Makita 80V – 400mm Trencher

GeoTrencher – 400mm Trencher – Makita 80V

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Unveil precision and power with the Makita CE002GZ01 80v Max, designed to elevate trenching endeavors with exceptional power and performance. This robust machine stands as a beacon of versatility, offering a harmonious blend of 500mm bar length and 38mm width trenching chains for optimal functionality in diverse trenching challenges.

Comes as a skin (no battery or chargers)

includes 2 x 38mm wide by 400mm long trenching chains.





  • Dual 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion Batteries: Embrace the formidable power of dual 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion batteries (sold separately), fueling the GeoTrencher Makita’s capabilities. This strategic integration guarantees sustained performance, enabling extended operational periods and minimizing interruptions, ensuring seamless trenching operations.
  • Twin 40v/80v XGT Brushless Technology: Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge Twin 40v/80v XGT Brushless technology, amplifying the GeoTrencher’s prowess with an astonishing 3,600 W of maximum output power. This innovative technology underscores the machine’s reliability, efficiency, and robust performance across varying trenching applications, solidifying its status as an industry powerhouse.
  • Versatile 500mm Bar Length and 38mm Width Trenching Chains: Experience unparalleled adaptability with the GeoTrencher’s 500mm bar length complemented by 38mm width trenching chains. This versatility ensures optimal functionality, accommodating diverse terrains, soil types, and project specifications with unmatched precision and efficiency.


Paired with the Makita 80V Powerhead, the 500mm trencher attachment empowers users to navigate intricate landscapes, challenging terrains, and expansive projects with confidence and efficiency. This equipment remains steadfast, consistently delivering exemplary results, ensuring optimal outcomes, and enduring durability with every trenching application.

In conclusion, the GeoTrencher – 400mm Trencher – Makita 80V stands as a testament to power, precision, and innovation. Its advanced features, robust construction, and user-centric design establish it as an indispensable asset for trenching endeavors, guaranteeing optimal performance, reliability, and excellence with every application. Embrace the future of trenching with the GeoTrencher Makita CE002GZ01  80v Max, where precision meets power, redefining trenching standards and excellence.