Tax Time Investment

GeoTrencher + Cut-Off Saw + GeoCart + Chains

– Tax Time Package Deal

Looking to maximise efficiency this tax season? Dive into the ultimate investment opportunity with our GeoTrencher – ECHO – Tax Time Package Deal, crafted for the Australian tradesman seeking versatility and savings!

What’s Included In The “GeoTrencher – Tax Time Package Deal”:

  • 1 X Echo 7410ES Heavy Duty Powerhead
  • 1 X 500mm Bar GeoTrencher
  • 2 X 38mm Wide Trenching Chains
  • 1 X Cut-Off Saw Attachment
  • 1 X GeoCart – Streamlining Your Trenching Experience

With our exclusive GeoTrencher – Echo connector, transforming the unit from a trencher to cutt-off saw is a breeze. This unique feature allows you to effortlessly switch between tasks, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any job that comes your way.

Heavy Duty Powerhead

New 73.5cm³ two-stroke engine chrome cylinder and patented KaniboronTM piston plating provides friction reduction as well as superior wear and heat resistance. The two-ring piston offers a gas-tight seal with the cylinder, this is essential in high compression engines and ensures maximum power. Magnesium crankcase for light weight and high strength.

Cut-Off Saw Rig

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Tax Time Investment 1

The high-power 73.5cm³ 2-stroke commercial grade engine makes hardscaping a breeze.

The GeoTrencher Echo 7410ES – 500mm Bar

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Tax Time Investment 2

GeoTrencher Echo 7410ES Operating With The GeoCart – By Farm Learning with Tim Thompson

Don’t just spend money to save tax, spend money to make your job easier and make money!

Get The GeoTrencher + Cut-Off Saw + GeoCart + Chains – Tax Time Deal Today!

– Free Freight anywhere in Australia Until June Only! –