Installing Megaflo® Green Panel Drainage System with GeoTrencher

Are you tired of struggling with poor garden drainage? Say farewell to waterlogged soil and soggy patches with the Megaflo® Green Panel Drainage System, effortlessly installed using the GeoTrencher. Whether you’re managing water runoff in your garden, sports fields, or turf areas, Megaflo® Green offers unparalleled drainage performance, surpassing conventional round pipe systems.

Megaflo® Green is a wide and flat-shaped drainage panel system that provides the dimensional
stability and field-proven structural strength for quick and effective sub-surface drainage.

Installing Megaflo® Green Panel Drainage System with GeoTrencher 1
  • Made using 100% Australian recycled HDPE plastic material and covered with Bidim® Green non-woven geotextile
  • Has twice the inflow capacity and can drain water in less than 60% of the response time
    compared to 100mm round pipe

Installation Guide:

  1. Wide Trench Cutting: Utilise The GeoTrencher to cut trenches 56mm wide, accommodating the Megaflo® Green panel vertically.
  2. Optimized Placement: Position Megaflo® Green where water infiltration can be optimized, either closest to the direction of water flow or centered if infiltration occurs from both sides.
  3. Backfill Preparation: Conduct backfilling operations with care to avoid damage to the drainage core and geotextile filter. Use well-graded washed sand or drainage aggregates for optimal performance.
  4. Backfilling Process: Backfill the trench in maximum 150mm lifts to achieve 95% standard compaction. Ensure a cover layer of at least 150mm above the drainage panel to protect it during compaction.
  5. Special Applications: For shotcrete and retaining wall drainage, cut Megaflo® Green to match the wall height, affix end caps, and secure with metal J-pins. Ensure proper attachment of outlets for effective drainage.
  6. Bored Piles Installation: Place Megaflo® Green between bored piles, ensuring full height coverage. Connect to perimeter pipes or incorporate weep holes for efficient water removal.

Benefits of Megaflo® Green:

  • Enhanced Drainage Performance: Megaflo® Green offers almost twice the water removal rate compared to conventional round pipe systems, ensuring quick water removal even in wet weather conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: With its trench-less installation method, Megaflo® Green can be laid without disrupting the base level, saving time and costs associated with traditional trenching methods.
  • High Crush Resistance: Megaflo® Green’s durable design ensures minimal product wastage during installation, reducing the risk of damage from machinery.

Upgrade your garden’s drainage system today with Megaflo® Green installed using a GeoTrencher fitted with the 56mm wide GeoChain.

Experience superior drainage performance and enjoy a healthier, more vibrant outdoor space. Contact us to learn more about this innovative solution and transform your garden’s drainage with ease!