GeoTrencher – Mini Trencher Package Deal – ECHO CSG-7410ES

Versatile Trencher and Cut-Off Saw Bundle!

Switch seamlessly between a mini-trencher and a cut-off saw with our exclusive GeoTrencher Echo Adaptor kit. Transforming your tools is a breeze, taking just a few minutes to make the switch.

Package Deal Includes:

  • 1 X Echo 7710 Heavy Duty Powerhead
  • 1 X 500mm Bar GeoTrencher
  • 2 X 38mm Wide Trenching Chains
  • 1 X Cut-Off Saw Attachment
  • 1 X GeoCart – Streamlining Your Trenching Experience

Get all this for just $5k, inclusive of GST—grab the package and enjoy fantastic savings!




Introducing the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES with Cut-Off Saw Attachment

Every unit purchase of the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES comes complete with the original cut-off saw attachment, a safety tube, and two GeoTrencher chains. Setting up this powerful tool is a breeze—all you need to do is disconnect the water supply, loosen two nuts, attach the new adaptor, and secure the nuts back in place. The package also includes an instruction manual for your convenience.


<h1><strong>Versatile Trencher and Cut-Off Saw Bundle!</strong></h1> Switch seamlessly between a mini-trencher and a cut-off saw with our exclusive GeoTrencher Echo Adaptor kit. Transforming your tools is a breeze, taking just a few minutes to make the switch. <strong>Package Deal Includes:</strong> <ul> <li><strong>1 X Echo 7710 Heavy Duty Powerhead</strong></li> <li><strong>1 X 500mm Bar GeoTrencher</strong></li> <li><strong>2 X 38mm Wide Trenching Chains</strong></li> <li><strong>1 X Cut-Off Saw Attachment</strong></li> <li><strong>1 X GeoCart - Streamlining Your Trenching Experience</strong></li> </ul> Get all this for just $5k, inclusive of GST—grab the package and enjoy fantastic savings!   GeoTrencher

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Size Options: Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Trenching Needs

Customize your trenching experience by selecting the ideal bar length from three available options: 400mm, 500mm, or 700mm. This flexibility ensures that your GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES is perfectly suited to your project’s requirements.

Revolutionize Your Trenching Experience

When you’re in search of a trenching solution that seamlessly blends power, precision, and rugged durability, look no further than the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES. This extraordinary trencher is designed to not only optimize your trenching tasks but also make them effortless. Let’s delve into the details of this impressive machine, poised to revolutionize your construction and landscaping endeavors.

Unleash Power with the ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead

At the core of the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES lies the ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead, a true workhorse that guarantees exceptional performance. This powerhead boasts the industry’s leading air cleaner systems, ensuring your trencher operates at peak efficiency. The 73.5 cm³ two-stroke engine is equipped with a chrome cylinder and patented Kaniboron™ piston plating, delivering not only reduced friction but also superior wear and heat resistance.

A standout feature of this powerhead is its two-ring piston, forming a gas-tight seal with the cylinder. This feature is indispensable for high-compression engines, ensuring consistent maximum power output. Additionally, the lightweight magnesium crankcase enhances the powerhead’s strength without compromising maneuverability.

Unmatched Cutting Torque for Exceptional Performance

The GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES sets itself apart with remarkable cutting torque, placing it at the forefront of its class. Thanks to its 2.6:1 drive ratio, this trencher delivers superior cutting power. The drive ratio, which represents the ratio between the wheel pulley diameter and the drive pulley diameter, is a key factor in determining torque. A higher ratio equates to increased torque at the wheel, making it easier to dig deep into various soil types.

This enhanced torque not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of the unit getting stuck during trenching. It’s a game-changer when navigating challenging terrains, ensuring your trencher maintains peak performance and productivity, even in adverse conditions.

Similar to GeoRipper® and TerraTrencher, but Exceptionally Better

While the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES shares similarities with industry competitors like GeoRipper® and TerraTrencher, it goes above and beyond. It takes the best features from these trenchers and elevates them, making it the superior choice for your trenching requirements.

Specifications That Define Excellence

Key specifications of the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES:

  • Powerhead: ECHO CSG-7410ES
  • Bar Sizes: Available in 400mm, 500mm, and 700mm options
  • Engine: 73.5 cm³ two-stroke engine with chrome cylinder
  • Piston Plating: Patented Kaniboron™ for friction reduction and wear resistance
  • Piston: Two-ring design for a gas-tight seal
  • Crankcase: Lightweight magnesium for added strength
  • Drive Ratio: 2.6:1 for high cutting torque

The GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES: Your Ultimate Trenching Companion

In conclusion, the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES is more than just a trencher; it’s your trusted companion for conquering the most demanding trenching tasks. With its powerful ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead, top-notch specifications, and high cutting torque, it establishes new standards for trenching excellence. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, construction contractor, or DIY enthusiast, this trencher is designed to make your projects smoother and more efficient. Choose the size that best suits your needs, and unlock a new level of trenching performance with the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES. It’s not just similar to GeoRipper® and TerraTrencher; it’s the superior choice.

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400mm, 500mm, 700mm